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HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN THINGS FROM GOD and My Testimony per Request

Nov. 18th, 2007 at 3:45 PM
"**********you can scroll down to prophetic words,articles etc.*********" this part is all about me, my testimony;as requested.Recently I was asked what is my testimony, they wanted to read it. So, I am adding onto this Blog about me.Testimonies & about me,#1 memorial Day grilling & fire, First the most recent move of God over my life, let me testify of what an awesome God I serve...At my daughter's today, my grandson & I did the coals on the grill, we had a huge flame, my grandson put the lid on the grill, as the wind was blowing. I decided to lift the lid just a little, to see if the flames were still going , that they had not died I lifted the lid a tiny bit..Huge ,very high aggressive flames flew at me , flitting all around,(sounded & felt like little birds flying all around you, how you hear their wings & feel as their wings lightly touch your skin) (now that it is over)I realize I was in the fire, suddenly I was away from the flames,,my grandson was brushing my back & arms , hair, looking me all over , at the same time, I said, where am I burning? where is the fire on me? He was saying no place, wow , no place,I said , I smell my hair burning, he looked and said, no. To say the very least I was amazed.So was my grandson. I went inside, told my daughter & she said, your hair is all burned...I went in the bathroom , looked, wow, left side & back scorched ...amazing, as I had hairspray on & that is highly flamable. I cut some of the scorched hair off. Now, I know in my spirit, wow, God, thank you for saving me, I could have been onfire....This is One More of my testimonies of how truly awesome my God is.........don't you want to know Him ?walk with Him Thru Christ Jesus? What a relationship.......He is always there, (no pun intended here) He says in His Word, not one hair on our heads will be harmed.(I was not at all harmed) I was going to grow my hair long....Now I think I will cut my hair !!!*******************************Grew up in assembly of God Church ******************************************************************* #2 I grew up from age 2 , in the assembly of God Church.My Grandmother ,Father's side,brought me & my brother up, you know, that use to make me sad,that men so freely take their kids from the mother & give them to his mother.Anyway, I am thankful, and I will say why ;My father's side of the family were all spanish , Mother's side all French(Catholics) my Grandmother, who was very abusive btw; quit the catholic church , went to Assembly of God Church with me & my brother!!!I grew up in that church,always knowing my Lord.(For this , I am so thankful, that my grandmother raised me!!!to know my Lord & Savior.Our grandmother would beat us during the day(for what, only God knew that) and when our aunt came home, we'd get beat again (this with a razor strap)and we wore welps. We never knew what it was to be told, I love you, or hugged.......But God!!! we grew up with the 10 commandments, it was common in my childhood,we knew them like we knew our abc's & we lived them!!! I asked Jesus into my life at age 11 & was baptized at age 11 and I also received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit afterward.******************************************************************************You cannot lose your salvation:You know, Jesus said, He will not lose one the Father has given to Him nor can the devil snatch one out of the Father's hand....So, if you truly know God & truly love Him & are Genuinely Born again, loving God & walking in obedience to Him, you cannot lose your salvation.Never mind what the World says....they want you to be lost same as they is your commission from our Lord, Once you become born again in Christ, Now you are to do that Great commission, leading as many as you can to know Christ & His salvation. I told you this, as I did fall when I was 16, I was married young, and the devil had his shot at me(all have sinned )the only one to be sinless was Christ who was God in the flesh.*******************************************************************#most in my family have the gift of prophecy #3 I want to add here, my grand daughter who is 8 yrs old, God tells her things in the night!!She has quite the story about all of God's anger being poured out , she told her mom , do not be afraid, because God has to do this, and in the end,when it is all over, everything will be so beautiful, God told her, see your house now, well, there it will be way more beautiful.Everything will be beautiful & better..........My oldest daughter has night visions/dreams that come to pass, my youngest daughter has such discernment & insight, she is getting there(she too is wondering why she knows things before they happen) grand son that I raised, has on several occassions prophesied to me ,seemd like God was talking right to me.;seems the prophetic runs through the family, looking back at my relatives , same story. Glory be to God. God would come to me in the night always ,tellin me things, showing me things, the most significant is this,**********************************************************************Night vision about the birth of my son,from our Lord #4 He came to me in my sleep & said(with a very very sad face, Now is the time, you will have a son. Jesus was all in white & had a white Bible & as though reading from the Word of God,spoke this,,,let me tell you I still can see that very sad look on His face.******God is not pleased,when we have known Him,and turn away unto the ways of this world(sin)He was sad, that He had to take such drastic steps to turn me around, back to my First love , God Almighty. on this same note....God takes no pleasure in any soul that does not receive Him Through our Lord & Savior Christ Jesus , and end up in hell, and He sends nobody to hell,*******************sinners send selves to hell **************************************************************** every soul that goes to hell, has rejected Christ & His Word,unbelievers, unrepentant sinners,gospel rejectors. They refuse to believe & receive Christ ,they laugh, the teaching of the cross is foolishness to them. You see, God will not lose one....He has a way to get our attention...***********************I discovered I indeed was pregnant.I did have a boy. We all thought he would maybe murder someone, we knew it had to be awful, from the sadness of our Lord as He spoke that to me. Long Story short. my son was manic depressed, I never understood what that meant, see , once they are 18 the parents no longer can know anything & he certainly didn't tell me, until much later, like say ; he told me, he said, I am not depressed, I don't know why they say that, so I am not taking my pills,he asked me, did I think he was depressed; I told him , he had the greatest attitude & sense of humor in the whole wide world, he made every body laugh & he was so handsome. had it all going on for him , a graduate,business, and was going to be married, moved to Arizona and ended up taking his own life.(3 1/2 mos after he told me how they said ,he was depressed, is when he moved to Arizona.) afterward, my oldest daughter told me to watch the movie "Mr. Jones" & I would understand about my son. I suggest to everyone, who does not comprehend manic depression to watch that movie , what a story & great insight. ****************************My Son Loved the Lord**** *******************************************************************I will tell you here, about him, he loved the Lord our God with all of His Heart Soul & mind,God knows the heart, the mind is the devil's playground. Jesus partly woke me up one night(I guess I was trying to go with my son)because, there was Jesus with my son, we were apologizing to each other for all things said & done wrong against each other & off they went. well, that brought me to my kneese & to my face on the floor at the feet of Jesus........where I surrendered my life unto God 100%, having repented & cried unto Him for forgiveness of all my sins. you see, this is my testimony......I love God more then life itself, and I would have died too, if it were not for God....He brought me all the way through. God promised me, I would not ever have to go through anything like that again.**************************************************************ABUSE**********#5, for those of you out there, who are abused, beaten daily, like we were beaten daily twice a day with a razor strap, (my brother & me)in the day 1st by our grandmother , and in the evening by our aunt, yes we wore black & blue marks to school all the time.Never once did anybody ever say , I love you, or you are pretty,or was I hugged,Never(well, my mother did )but we could not be with her.She was as a saint.Beautiful,a wonderful woman. I am sure many of you have it worse, and know my prayers are with you all, my heart is for the children...I want you all to know, God loves you & He will take you through, and bring you out.Pray about all things, God is with you & He hears,read the Word of God(The Holy Bible)learn all about Jesus ,love Him because He loves you & He laid down His life for you...........when you can.......please run as fast as you can and as far as you can to the nearest relative,church or police station.Receive Christ as savior, live your life for Him, God wants to live in us & through us,amen So,*******************God actually raised me************************************************************#6, I was not taught things as a child, you may say, no bringing up at all, The most precious part of my testimony is right here...*******."God actually raised me", He taught me right from wrong,He corrected me,Glory be to God,and has always had His Hand upon me. for the life of me, I cannot imagine how, lost sinners (gentiles) in the world without Christ ,can make it through. God is our life, without God is death. #7, As I got older,16 yrs of age, I ran away from my aunt & uncle's house in Phoenix, to live with my father.The abuse was just too much.I ended up working in White Towers and got married at that very young age;needless to say,**********************My walk in the world
*********************************************************** I ended up in the partying walk with all of my worldly friends, They use to tell me, I could drink any man under the table.Well, I beg to differ there, I enjoyed dancing,and chatting w. my friends. But , you know, when I was walking of the world & not of God,it was an awful terrible empty feeling, of nothingness,and I can look back now, and clearly see, just how blinded the devil made me to my God & His Word.(2Cor.4:4)You know; I could not even understand the Word of God, I would read God's Word & it was like reading Greek, oh I did see words of conviction of my sins (by God) but walked on.Looking back now, I can see how God never left me at all(scripture tells us, He was with us, when we made our bed in hell)I want you to know, it is a sad journey walking in this world, without the guidance of our mighty God, depending on self & the world & coming up , EMPTY. *******I strongly believe God alowed that to happen to my son, I strongly believe, had I turned back unto God ,(oh how many times The Lord came to me at night in my sleep, and I would dismiss it & just walk on....So, This is why :the Lord came to me in my sleep, telling me with a sad face, now is the time, you will have a son;with a very very sad face.God has a mighty way of pulling us back to Him,(He will not lose one the Father has given to Him, nor can the devil snatch one from the Father's hand....oh if Only I could have seen,and understood.So, once my son took his own life at age 22, that nearly killed me too,******* there is nothing worse then losing your own child, I have to tell you, that is the very worse pain in the entire World,no pain can begin to compare to the pain in your soul, it is a death;part of you dies within, you are changed forever. I fell at the feet of Jesus, crying unto Him for forgiveness & salvation, promising to follow Him all the days of my life, I was forgiven & God alone got me through that awful tragedy in my life. ***My advice to you, if you have walked away from God(your first love)Know He loves you & He wants that you turn back to Him away from all sins through Jesus Christ & His shed Blood. Know that, no matter where you are and no matter what you have done, God loves you & he wants you back.This ends my testimony ,now for the Blog: ******************************************************************************I have always known things from a child & never understood why. I always thought I was different from everyone else. I never heard the word prophet or prophetic word or visions***** *************************My First Word ******************************************************#1,until "approx.1995 when God spoke all through the night a word I was to speak in Harvest Temple Church , Largo ,Fla. and it all came to pass.God said, there would be many miracles take place there, many would come from all over, so many they would need to enlarge the church,and God called for a house of prayer,and He placed healing in the pastors hands(as I spoke that part,I looked & the pastor was standing sidewise,hands cupped,receiving God's Word, His hands glowed Gold, (in that night vision, God gave me a dark skinned man(very tanned) ,ctr. row ,4 rows down (to my right) and the song Hosannah, the church had not ever sang that song that I knew of...sure enough the same guy was there, and when they sang the song Hosannah, HolySpirit said, speak it now, (silly me, never having done this before, I said in my spirit, they are singing, they won't hear!!!lol)so as pastor,Dale Denham , entered the platform, I stood up w. great power from God, and was obedient unto God, and they also have an International House of Prayer, where people can always go & pray.(the dark (tanned)man turned & looked at me, blinked, and I sat down. ****the reason for that was, I was going to go on & prophesy more!!!!! My First spoken Word!!!!a' men; I came back to NY , ****************about 3 yrs later, HolySpirit said, call & check on that Word, so I did, and I was told, it all came to pass, many did come from all over and many healings,enlarged church & house of prayer was built.I went down that Easter & saw for myself & saw the Pastor using His Precious Gift hallaluyah.........**************************************************#2, Night vision of 3 balls from heaven,(1st ball (like fire)fell in NE Fla,Jesus & I stood in Largo, , Fla..(center)facing N,2nd Ball fell from heaven a little more Nw from there, the 3rd ball of fire from heaven ( almost hit me)fell, s w from where we stood, these terrible storms hit exactly where the balls had fallen, the 3rd ball from heaven that almost hit me, destruction from an awful tornado a few streets behind where I lived; and then it all happened(catastrophic storms, exactly where Jesus let me see the balls fall, and much destruction & death. I still never realized what that was Can you imagine that?(I know, The Lord always was with me throughout my life, so I guess that explains why, I didn't know what to say or do*******************************************************************#3,I prayed and told God, prophets always say, you told them they are a prophet, and I prayed and asked God how come, since a young person He has always shown me things to come & told me things to come, giving me words etc.& never told me I am a prophet I prayed .........asked God, if I lay a fleece ,for Him to answer me that way.......this after having read about Gideon in Judges6:36-39 ;often times,we do not hear God for our own copying this Blog from Live Journal to Blogger, the rest of this story is at the bottom of this Blog,it messed up in the transfer it is (numbered #3
************************************************************************ This part about me & the prophetic**********,many of you can learn from this, in being able to recognize your gift, your calling!!!!****
#4,I went to a conference "Hearing the Voice of God clear" out of deep curiosity!!! The prophet there, asked me, how long had I been prophesying? I said I don't prophesy, he said , oh yes you do & you are a prophet.I still did not comprehend, not at all, it was like he spoke Greek to me!!! Then, this prophet I know, oversees the prophets in the area, asked me to prophesy at a prophetic conference, I felt like saying no, that I couldn't....I heard HolySpirit say, do I did. Incredible, absolutely incredible!!!Each person I spoke to , was right on ............I was just amazed.See, God lets a person know things He will have them do, and so when you prophesy that same thing to them, it is a confirmation for them from God.....that is why we often cry, when we hear words of confirmation from God.*** **********************As a Young person, I always would ask people, even those I never saw before, if I could tell them about themselves.They were always Amazed ,and would ask , how do you do that? How do you know that about me? I always knew things that were going to happen & I always wondered ,how do I know this? It happens online as well........I say things to people I may be witnessing to, what they are doing & how They must turn (Repent) away from ..unto Christ & be saved.......they are always do you know I do that?But now I know why & how I know that I know that I know!!!Only I don't always (almost never say to them."Thus saith the Lord") There is nothing like finding out (truly finding out)who & what you are in Christ!!!So, then you just draw closer to Him & feel His Holy Presence so strong, and yes.....Hear Him ever so clearly & knowing it is God !!!(as we are obedient to God in giving His Word,yielding to Him always..He moves us right along , increasing the level of our being able to hear Him * & to speak it up, He will test us, take us through the fire a lot,putting us on a shelf, and ignoring us, to see what we will do, and He will hide on us, to see what we will do, will we say oh well, so what, or will we seek hard after Him? it is all a test in walking with up to your calling & most of all being tested & prepared for the calling on your life, remember ALL are called & few are chosen, even Jesus tested His disciples!!! ***********Not thinking, oh that is me., not God. I did that once, I asked God for interpretations of tongues, and immediately that Sunday , in chruch, someone spoke in tongues, and wow...I just knew exactly what they were speaking!!!Then I was not going to speak it, I did exactly that..said in my spirit , that is me & not God!!Well, it felt like God would shake my head off my shoulders, and I spoke up the word of interpretation!! It's all about loving God & being very serious about my relationship with know...I did say to God, when I rededicated my life unto Him fully, 100%........that for all the bad I had done against Him ( not walking with Him ;but the world)to use me in that great of capacity for Him & not for me, for the rest of my life.I owe it all to Him, in fact He wants that I tell you right here... that it is He in me & thru me, I cannot do this of myself...In fact in scripture , God does tell us, we can do nothing without Him!!!in the prophetic, we never know what God will say, He will give us a word, or a scripture, or a symbol,tell us, open your mouth & speak it & He will do the stepping out of the boat & walking on water yielding 100% to the will of God(not self)... I was corrected a couple of times in church about words I spoke...and it was God who had spoken & not me at all, oh it was my voice, But it was Our Lord fact...I have such a bad memory, The Lord does not tell me ahead of time anymore what to say...because I forget half of it, or butcher the word!!which pastors have to clean up ........I stayed home a couple of weeks & this is what God had me to know...I will give you a word to start.. Put the word in my mouth, start speaking it & He will do the rest, and He does, I am told this is a Nabi Prophet.....God uses my voice & mouth directly Once He put I love you in my mouth & I must have said that seemed like 8X and then The Lord took over!!!..this too was test & trial,leaning on Him, dying to self, so it is not self but God.It is getting better now... I can either prophesy(self) or minister, but (talk) and He then takes over!!! So, it is an awesome & incredible journey with my Lord,and I say all this, so you see where I am coming from. One Sunday,The Lord put in my mouth.."where is my church?" a very long my spirit I said Lord, is that it? He did that a few fact in my spirit (Back then , I thought that was it, He only wanted to say that!!,This is getting out of the boat & walking on the water, total trust in God & not in self; but I stayed with Him & allowed Him amen!!!!He spoke an awesome word , oh How I love God.My Lord & My Savior!!!**************** In christian beliefs #1,AOL ; there are 3 very bad catholics, who always condemn me, call me names,ridicule me,(they call all God's children names, and mock God's Holy Word) and since they misunderstand prophecy,the catholics call me false prophet, because I have posted my night vision of New Orleans under the ocean, no more New Orleans, millions of waves with all the debris from the destruction of the bldgs . on each wave & the water goes up into Texas, and God said, that is where they ran with all of their abominations.(this part happened)flood & ground is no good, cattle died)(posted below in words) Well, there was Hurricane Gustov, so because New Orleans was not destroyed , they call me false prophet....repeatedly posted a scripture about a false prophet...God said, He has no false prophets & His Words never come back to Him's just , God never said when.Anyway, I am not going into detail about this, but I was wounded in my soul over this & didn't know it, I even told God the following morning, I will not prophesy again.....God never corrected me..this too was test & trial,did I give up, not really!!! church, my mouth became very dry, that's how I know God is going to speak,,,in my spirit I said, you didn't give me a Word God...the word was ("I have not given you a spirit of fear") I would not speak it.......well, that night a prophet came into my pal talk room, he prophesied to me , about what I was going through ,scriptures and all , right to the t , amazing, God broke those bad spirits off from me, here is the best part!!we were down to 3 people,I was typing into the room to a guy to tell him how happy I was to meet him & hoped he would come back....all that came out was( Roy D (my large deep pink font)then Matt.5:12 in tiny red letters, and the verse in very tiny font and black font, like the Bible.(great is your reward in heaven, so they persecuted the prophets before you..That was a special touch from God over His prophet.(I really needed that) We were amazed at what God did.Glory be to His Holy fact, I went back into that chat room on aol last night, knowing God in no way wanted me to ever answer them as they rail on me, well, each time I would answer them my font would change from Lucida console & a bright orange, to a plain font & black ..........God is so amazing, He always is with us, never leaves us or forsakes us..........******never hurt God's Prophets;and He wants me to tell the story of the children in the old test, who mocked the prophet calling him names & how the children were mauled by a bear(2Kings2:23,24). God does not want that anyone touches His servants & do His Prophets no harm ps.105:15 & 1sam.26:9-11 Lest He smite you immediately & death befall you. (I post this for all other prophets who are ridiculed, condemned & called names. You belong to God & He has our backs!!! One night , online, someone was saying, can anybody guess how much I got back on my taxes? I said how much, it was correct right to the last penny!!and he just was so amazed , how did I do that? How could I ever know that?See, God will show Himself in different situations, when we least expect!!!I was completely yielded unto God; ...But you all should know about me, when you are reading prophetic words in my blogs.Mostly , that you know; I serve Our Mighty God and not all asked for my testimony. I am telling you this, as I have quite a few prophetic words & visions posted here in my blogs.......I think my readers deserve to know of my relationship with God. The Lord wants that all know, just because a prophetic word does not come to pass immediately, does not mean it is false..************************************************************.prophesies can take years to come to pass, He is saying.. Look at the Word of God...prophesies spoken back then still right now coming to pass & will continue to come to pass till we are caught up out of here.This is why He tells us to not fear it but Pray about it. God says, He has no false prophets, nor does His Word come back unto Him Void EVER.(if the Word does not come to pass, maybe prayer changed it, maybe circumstances changed it,and the hearer can also do things which prevent it.)God wants you to know********** a false prophet speaks out of the imaginations of their own hearts, great swelling words, what the listener wants to hear, tickling their ears, saying what things they want to hear (He compares to a psychic)like example; you will be getting a new car, a new house, a ring, a spouse, etc.)He is also saying a false prophet speaks peace where there is no peace at all.Revival where there will be destruction.(false prophets are teaching also a false doctrine,leading souls away from God & unto themslves.**** often times a prophet speaks a word to one of God's own children of what God is going to do , and then the person hurrys out there , in a rush to bring that word to pass, not waiting on God , getting way ahead of God, the thing fails, and they blame God & the prophet!!(well, look at abraham who didn't wait on many years? he was 100 before the word came about(Isaac) always wait on God for a word, it could take days,weeks,months or even years, BUT , wait on God."" I am going to share the latest word from God now, so it is important, that you know, I walk & talk with God , I love Him so & I love serving Him as His Mouth Piece.(Oracle)So they call it.""(I have since learned from God,all along I knew in my spirit ;I just didn't realize the word Prophet.*** *******Word ********God has declared thru me & to me, He is very angry with the world. Now when I tell this prophetic word...I always say USA, because we are the nation called by His name, and have turned our backs on Most Holy God almighty, with very serious consequences, due us now. As I prophesy USA, God clearly corrects me," NO , all nations, everywhere." All have forgotten God ,If I could I would make a crying face right here, as it breaks my heart. God said,for some time now, He is going to do a great shaking ,as they have forgotten Him & are wicked ,abominable ,detestable unto God almighty, For a long time He has spoken fire,floods,hail ,drought.;money market crash.,and that He will open up the ground & swallow thousands upon thousands and thousands.(God is saying,opening the ground & swallowing thousands are catastrophic earthquakes, and literal opening of the earth)***May18,2008 adding on here , look at tsunami,China,Burma(this came to pass almost immediately,other nations & plane states,Oh the catastrophic earthquakes will come & the world will be in shock....Israel,cornered & striking out soon;watch yellowstone national park.... it is close ;the coming of our Lord for us (1Thess.4:13-17) know this is fulfillment of what our God is saying to us this day..He is saying, I am a jealous God, there will not be any other gods before Me, and to repent away from the sins of this world unto Jesus Christ (luke13:3)confessing your sins to God in Godly sorrow so He hears your hearts cry & He will forgive you & cleanse you from all unrighteousness,1John1:9,10........eph.1:13 seal you with His Spirit unto the day of your redmption, be it time of the death of your earth body & He receives your born again spirit (resurrection to life )John14:2,3.......or you are alive here on this earth when He comes for His Church and we are caught up or commonly known as raptured 1Thess.4:13-17....if you belong to God thru Christ Jesus, you(your soul)life...will go up, in no way will you go down w. the god of this world(old devil , satan)to the grave ; hell mark9:45,46 I am very bold,God has put much boldness in me, I have no fear whatsoever, I am His servant. You cannot serve God in this way & fear hurting feelings,you obey God, and open your mouth to all the world if you can...........even the internet.Not being concerned about feelings of others, as time is short now. and we are to warn not puff up ;tickling ears................................. Remember. God tells us in His Word,******false prophets****** ("the false prophet")speaks peace where there is no peace & the Lord says, they speak revival, where there will be destruction.(ADD ON) ***May 18th 2008, God is saying,do not follow man or religion, He alone is God & there is none other besides Him....Follow Christ alone, have a relationship with Father God ,Know Him not just about Him,Stay in His Holy Scriptures, the Word of God, we call the Holy Bible.(add on stopped) What I am saying here is not a make them feel good word. it is warning.***************************************************************************Same Sex********Word of God***************God is very angry because of all this same sex movement,confusing His little children,deception.God is grieved...children are His heritage, they are loned to us, to raise to know Him & walk with Him .Instead they are teaching them that homosexuality is ok, just another life style, Once God spoke this Word, I almost instantly learned(3 weeks) Cali has passed a law where you cannot mention gender. Children can no longer say, my mother & my father, they have to say parents or parent.Now God is so angry, beware, you will see so much destruction,death , you will think the end of the world is here, and for many it is here.(where in scripture did God ever tell us to behave in this way?) They cannot say David & his wife, or ann & her husband, say david & his partner & ann & her partner. Also , no gender bathrooms...........God is so angry, beware. a few weeks after God spoke this Word, I saw the mayor of california's wife talking on TV referring to someone & his partner...I said, God, is she openly on tv talking of same sex marriage? God said, you know about the new law there.No gender...Oh My God............and all those fires.... He said, the fires will return .and return (Cali has voted against same sex marriages,but sodom & gomorrah is rampant still, everywhere. *** Look at Katrina, how when they were brought through & out, "thank you Jesus,praise the Lord etc. sounded like a choir.....******************************************************************God has given to me a Night vision , ***June last year.'07....I looked & New Orleans, it was just sea, with millions of waves & much debris from all the destruction on each wave, I looked & saw water all up the gulf, He said, that is where they all ran there with their wicked abominations.**the floods came & ground dry & cattle dead,this part came to pass***********************Word of the Lord******* There will be many natural disasters now,greater in magnitude,simultaniously ,everywhere, so great in magnitude, they will think it is the end of the world. Our Lord seemed apologetic in He said, I have to do this, as their God is their own selves & their possessions,all the pleasures of this world & no place at all is God.He was so sad, I cried as I spoke the Word.If they were just that, bad storms, they'd say , oh that's Mother Nature. He said, these are going to be so great in magnitude & number, they will know it is God , and many will SEE, Believe & repent & be saved.......sadly many will die, much disease.......********************************************************************also God has been telling me, He has taught all of His Children to get out of their comfort zones, and to turn on a dime in an instant.He will be moving us to different locations at certain times, Yet many will just stay put, He said "Do not be frightened, Know it is me, it is my hand of wrath against all the wickedness & not one hair on your heads will be harmed, He said, I am the Ark & you will run in & be safe. Not one hair on your heads will be harmed.Keep your eyes upon Jesus. These storms will fulfill God's anger.************Georgia********** I look at Ga. I asked why Ga? lots of preachers there. My answer is;" Propsperity preachers, hirelings". God said, He is angry with all the false apostles,prophets,evangelists & pastors ,teachers, teaching false doctrines,leading them in the wrong direction...making them think ,Well, Jesus shed His Blood once & for all on that cross, so once you believe & are saved, you no longer need to confess or repent............then making it appear that you are paying for a healing, a miracle. God said, that is not all, He said they are wicked & abominable unto Him.He said lost souls are making their own Bibles , their own beliefs & they do not know God or His Word. then sinners saying God made them that way, and that Jesus never said that was a sin,**** God wants it made clear ,:Jesus was God in the flesh 1Tim.3:16 & John1:1-14, that God is the same God from Gen. Thru Rev. and He never changes,His Word stands for ever & ever .2Cor.5:19 The Father was in the Son.The Body of God was known as the Son, Jesus;our Once & for all sacrifice 1cor.5:7...........(all of our sins were on that body on that cross,(our sacrifice)that is why God left, He is too HOLY to look upon sins, thus Jesus R Savior Cried, Father, why hast thou forsaken Me? is a spot to just praise His Holy Name. God wants that all come to know Him thru Jesus Christ , Born Again in Christ John3:3/John14:6/eph.1:7/1John1:9,10 /Rom.10:9,10, and that you have everlasting life in Christ .........**********Sins******He is right now saying to point out sins to you that will in no way enter into His Kingdom 1Cor.6:9,10(do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? do not be deceived, neither fornicators(sex without marriage) nor idolaters nor adulterers(sex outside of marriage)nor abusers or homosexuals,nor thieves nor covetous,nor drunkards nor revilers nor extortioners shall inherit the Kingdom of God. & Gal.5:19-21 Repent from these unto Christ Luke13:3 God said, after His wrath is poured out against the nations,(USA turned her back on God doing away with His 10 commandments ,"God said to keep His 10 commandments to a thousand generations(the 2 new commandments our Lord gave loving our neighbor & the Lord our God;merely means.if you keep these 2 you will not break the rest of my Commandments;(remember , Jesus was God in the flesh;and the same God from Gen thru Rev. ("this means forever & ever"),***doing away with public prayer,can't mention Jesus,want to do away with the Holy Name God (our very creator),murdering unborn babies in the womb by the millions, (they are God's heritage)allowing all the same sex marriages, (Lev.18:22 Lev.20:13,Isaiah3:9,Rom.1:24-32,1Kings14:24,1Cor.6:9,10,)doing away with God & His Word,His Judgments,statutes,ordinances,commandments; many will die but many will be saved & there will be a time of refreshing , revival across the land,*********************** & there will be war on USA soil, the Beast is making a peace agreement now,for Israel to sign , Israel signs an agreement w, the beast ,mid way the beast breaks the agreement & Great Tribulation as never before Matt.24:21 & We will be caught up .(Rev.3:10)("1Thess.4:13-17")God said to remind you, we,His Children in Christ are NOT appointed to His Wrath ( "of Great Tribulation") God had me to point this out, so you see why....He has to move quickly now...many must be saved,before that Terrible hour coming over the world Rev.3:10 ........your time is running out, says the Lord, repent & believe now & be saved amen!! God is saying repent & come onto Him & be saved. Luke13:3 John14:6 I laid down My Life for you, shed My Blood for you, so in Me ( Jesus) you can be saved & cleansed from all sins by My Shed Blood says the Lord. In Him is Life, in the world & satan the god of this world( sin)is death.,hell ,the grave & everlasting destruction ,into the lake of fire My Page all Blogs listed:
continued from top "This is about asking God and laying a fleece and He answered,I started telling above about this.....cont. here"laying a fleece #3,I am so excited to share this, I was reading yesterday in God's Word..Judges 6:36-39 how Gideon sought an answer from God by laying down a fleece of wool. .all these prophets say, God told them they are a prophet, I am thinking , hey ;wait a minute, God has always told me things to come & shown me things ,given me words to speak.(from a child) How come He never said that to me?.............So I prayed to God, told Him that, and asked Him, if I lay a cloth outside, will you answer me, as to whether or not I am a prophet or mouth piece of yours to serve you all the days of my life?we had no rain or snow in the forecast at all, and low I said to God, if the entire patio is dry, then the cloth will be wet (for yes)or if the patio is wet the cloth will be dry (if yes) or if the cloth is the same as the patio, the answer is no.......God did one even better then the actual fleece!!!" a night vision..there appeared a large puddle, and a big sponge laying next to it, edge touching the water....I picked up the sponge, it was bone dry!!!the top was deep deep red!!I held it up to God with a huge smile & was thankful for the answer(I can still see the big smile on my face & me waving the sponge up to my God).(yes)He said, the deep red is that the gift is sanctified by His Blood, and I am under His Grace!!!thank you God, I love you & love sharing with everyone how God answers !!!!So, 6:30 am, I turned on the patio light..went out to get the cloth....well, the front of the patio was dark,from being wet(there had been no rain at all)or snow...back by the cloth were patches of wet!!! appeared as though someone had taken a paint brush & splattered water around ; I picked up the cloth & it was bone dry!!!(yes)!!!!Thank you most Holy God, I tell you it is awesome, God never leaves us or forsakes us.........I think the night vision was more precious,because that is how God deals with me, correcting,teaching,showing to me what is to come...where I get the deepest understanding of all things of God. I want to add, what an awesome feeling to know I am exactly where I belong in God , yes.....amen,and happy to finally know from God, oh Praise Him!!God is pointing out to me, how now; I just know,so He is letting me know, I just knew all along that I am His Mouth Piece ( oracle)I just didn't know what it was called or what to do with it; this is shared w. all my brothers & sisters in Christ as a testimony, not tooting my horn, just excited * & have the need to share that; about all of my blogs, God uses me in this way, by reaching the world thru Blogs, kind of like prophesying...He puts it in my heart what He wants to say & He leads me to do each you read my blogs, you will know, in no way can anyone have all of this common knowledge, you will see, it indeed is the hand of God Through me to you !!! or